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We’ve moved.




That’s where you can find us now.  Still some changes being made, but all the information has transferred safely.


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ROOMS is proud to announce Lisa Fay Coutley as the winner of its chapbook contest.  Her manuscript Back-Talk has been selected as the winning piece and we are looking forward to putting in print.  Our congrats to Lisa.

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New Pleiades = 29.1

Lucky enough to peruse the new issue of Pleiades.  Very nice, indeed.  Lots of poetry, which we like.  You can view the website for 29.1, or by going to http://www.ucmo.edu/englphil/pleiades/ & having a look around.  The story by Matthew Salesses, Corporal Dickenson is in Jail is bonecrushing, and the poems included in this issue range from quite formal efforts (a considerable amount of sonnets) to pieces that nudge the boundary b/t prose & poem.  Where the fiction in 29.1 levels its sights on romantic relationships, the poetry selected for this issue preoccupies itself with dreamscapes, landscapes & the sea.  Two poetry features, as well:  # 1. Introducing Celia Dropkin (“innovator of the erotic modernist love poem in Yiddish,” according to Yerra Sugarman), and # 2. Introducing Yvette Louisell, who E. Shaskan Bumas tells us “is serving a sentence of life without parole at the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women.”

Of course, all this work is accompanied by the Pleiades Review of Books, which spans 117 pages.

Definitely worth checking out.  & we hope you do.

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We are reading chapbook submissions and rubbing glue onto the second issue.

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ROOMS issue No. 1


No. 1 to look something like this.

No. 1 features work by:  Jack Collom & Lyn Hejinian, Julie Doxsee, Eric Pankey, Matthew Savoca and Laura Sims.

No. 1 weighs in at an astounding 39 pages and will only cost you $5.

If you’d like a copy you can let us know by emailing:  roomsoutlastus@gmail.com

This issue’s launch party is set for Sunday, March 22, 7:00 pm @ IOTA Club & Cafe:  2832 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA.  Details TBA over the next couple of weeks, but you can go ahead and rest assured there will be:

A:  plenty of readings

1.  Eric Pankey

2.  Mel Nichols

3.  Wade Fletcher

B:  musical acts

1. The Laughing Man

2. Prabir and the Substitutes

3. Sleepover

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Chapbook Contest

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rooms announces its inaugural chapbook contest. The winning submission, chosen by Rooms‘ editors, will be published by Articles Press, its parent non-profit organization and publisher. The chapbook will receive a first printing of 200 copies to be sold for $5 each on the Rooms and Articles websites.

FEE: There is a $15 reading fee. Each entrant receives a one-year subscription to ROOMS. Make checks or money orders payable to Articles Incorporated. Fees collected will be used solely for printing, distribution, and advertising costs.

WINNER: The winner of the contest will receive half the proceeds from the contest and 25 copies of the chapbook.

DEADLINE: The deadline for submissions is March 15th, 2009.

GUIDELINES: Submissions should be 20-30 pages. No more than one poem per page. Include your name, mailing address, email address, and a contact number on the cover letter. Your name and contact information should not appear on any pages of the manuscript. Make sure you put enough postage on the envelope you use to mail your submission.


Rooms Chapbook Contest

Articles Incorporated

10822 Santa Clara Dr.

Fairfax, VA 22030

WINNER: The winner will be notified by July 1st, 2009. If you are not the winner, we will not notify you individually. You will discover the winner by checking the website after he or she has been notified and has accepted. This saves you the trouble of sending us a SASE and wasting some postage. Manuscripts will not be returned. They will be recycled.

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